Fiber Optics & Telecommunications

Henrico offers extensive fiber-optic networks with dark fiber, digital switching, synchronous optical network and special access services. Providers include Comcast, Level 3 Communications, Lumos Networks, SummitIG, Verizon, Windstream Corp., Zayo Group, and more.

High-speed residential internet service providers include AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon.

Wireless service providers include T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint.

Voice over IP providers include Level 3 Communications, Lingo, Verizon and Vonage.


Electric Power

Dominion Energy provides electric power to Henrico County. Dominion's reliability rate for 2015 was 99.977% (excluding major storms). Its electric rates are more than 20% below the southeast region average. Dominion also has a variety of Green Power programs sourcing sustainable, renewable energy for commercial and residential customers. 

Dominion Virginia Power Average Rates:

Industrial: $0.0566 (1,000 kWh demand; 650,000 kWh/month)

Commercial: $0.1031 (40 kWh demand; 14,000 kWh/month)

Residential: $0.1132 (1,000 kWh/month)

(Source: Dominion Virginia Power; bundled rates as of January 1, 2018, cents per kWh)



Water & Sewer

The Henrico County Department of Public Utilities provides high-capacity water and sewer service throughout the county. It operates and maintains over 1,400 miles of sewer piping and approximately 1,600 miles of water piping, a drinking water treatment facility, a wastewater treatment facility, and just over 30 water and wastewater pumping stations. The Cobbs Creek Reservoir is a regional water supply project Henrico County is designing to provide water to residents and businesses for the next 50 years.

Water: 115 MGD current capacity

Sewer: 75 MGD current capacity

For additional information on volume rates and connection fees, please contact us or visit the Henrico County Public Utilities website.


Natural Gas

Natural gas service in Henrico County is provided by the Richmond Gas Works, with pressures up to 120 psi. For additional information on the network and rates, please contact us or visit the City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities website.